Our Philosophy

Whole Pilates is a studio that provides a place for healing movement to occur for every individual. 

Our culture and modern lifestyles are a direct contributor to dysfunctional patterns that can cause chronic pain as well as muscular and postural imbalances within our bodies. Pilates is an ideal way to experience the integration of mind and body as the key to accessing re-balancing. Pilates originated in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates as a method of exercise to increase the body’s overall flexibility, strength, endurance, and control. The Pilates principles are applicable today as practicing Pilates regularly helps you build a strong, flexible, uniformly well-developed body.

Whole Pilates Studio has partnered with Spirit of Health to provide our clients and community a holistic environment for transformation to occur, both inside and out. We believe that the interconnection of total body movement with whole body health will bring about alignment and vitality for you to find the original balance you were born with. Join us at Whole Pilates and experience improved alignment, mobility and strength of movement through a whole body perspective.