Welcome To Whole Pilates Studio

Whole Pilates studio provides a place for healing movement to occur for every individual. 

Whole Pilates Studio was founded with a desire to bring freedom of movement to all individuals, regardless of physical abilities or limitations. Our studio is unique in that our priority is to create safe and appropriate classes for all populations that not only address physical needs, but provides an understanding of how to bring the knowledge of their Pilates practice into the physical demands of their everyday life. Our instructors provide you a wealth of experience by combining their current practices in physical therapy with their training in Pilates, dance and specific specialties in pre & post-natal exercise, osteoporosis and neurological dysfunction. Whether you are pregnant, post-partum, a dancer or high functioning athlete, or looking for strengthening solutions to osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis, we have a place for you. Because the Pilates principles of alignment, control and mind-body connection apply to every individual, Pilates can be catered to all ages and levels of fitness to enhance strength, performance and increase vitality and function. We invite you to join us in a private session tailored to your specific needs or one of our group Pilates, fitness or dance classes to experience movement with a whole body perspective.   


Private Sessions 

Private sessions are tailored to each individual’s needs by one of our qualified instructors, regardless of physical ability. Sessions may work to fine tune overall fitness, reestablish an individual’s fitness abilities or have a more clinical focus that is designed to address long-standing chronic pain, ideal for those who suffer from repeated injuries, joint discomfort, and disability. A variety of Pilates equipment including reformer, tower bar, chair, ladder barrel and mat work will be utilized to create a customized session tailored toward meeting personalized goals.


Group Classes

Experience the power of Pilates in an energetic environment with classmates and friends. Whole Pilates Studio offers a variety of group classes for all levels of fitness and styles, including rebounding, dance and barre, all based on the foundation of Pilates principles to keep the movement safe and effective. See our specialty classes for osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis and the pre & post-natal woman. 

Change happens through movement and movement heals.
— Joseph Pilates