First Week Free! 

All new clients get their first week of group classes completely free. Follow the steps below to start your free trial, 

register with our studio.png

Step 1: Create an account 

We use MindBody to schedule and book all of our group classes. If you already have an accout with MindBody you can sign in and find our studio. If not, you'll need to create a free account.  

Booking a class.png

step 2: Book a Class 

Once you login, click on the "classes" tab in the top menu bar. Then you'll see a list of all our scheduled group classes.

When you find the class you want to join click "Sign Up Now."

Then click "Make a Single Reservation."

When you see the pricing options, scoll down to the very bottom and click "First Week Free" then follow the prompts to complete the checkout process. 

If you don't see these options in your account, please contact us at

New Client Form.png

Step 3: fill out The Registration Form

To save time on the day of your class, fill out our Group Class Registration Form and bring it with you the day of your class. 

Now you're all set! Come to our studio and enjoy  7-days of free Group Classes including Pilates Mat, Rebounding, Dnace and more.