The Benefits of Barre Class


What is Barre? 

A barre class uses ballet-inspired exercises in combination with movements found in Pilates, dance, and strength training. In these classes, just like a ballet dancer, you will use a barre for balance as you perform small isolated movements to fatigue the muscles. During these exercises, your body will be stationary while you contract specific muscle groups in small range-of-motion movements for a high number of reps. These movements focus on hip mechanics, postural alignment, and balance. Some of our barre classes also include Pilates floorwork, rebounding on a small trampoline, and large (range-of-motion) movements to elevate the heart rate and improve strength.

Okay, so now you have an idea of what barre is, but you're still on the fence about taking the class. You've heard about the after-workout burn and are not sure if this type of exercise is beneficial to you, right? We get it; that's why we've come up with a list of the top benefits for taking a barre class with us.

 Here are six remarkable benefits you should consider when deciding whether to take a barre class: 

1. Show Love to Your Joints

This low-impact workout shows love to your joints by teaching proper alignment with common exercises like squats and lunges. Exercises are layered to start with beginner movements with options to progress to more challenging variations or stay at the level for your body. This means you can work out stress-free and be confident in avoiding injury. Ultimately, the workout is designed to improve motor control and increase joint stability, which provides more support to the joints and can alleviate chronic pain.

2. Builds Muscle & Flexibility 

A significant benefit of taking a barre class is that every exercise contains a strength-building component while increasing your overall flexibility. Small weights, bands and other props are often used to build endurance and create a workout that fatigues at just the right level. These movements always focus on building long, lean and uniformly developed muscles, instead of bulking up in just a few muscle groups.

3. Think Clearly 

Barre workouts require detailed focus enabling you to obtain mental benefits too. Like most exercises, barre boosts your body's feel-good endorphins. This, combined with the low impact movements, make for a centering workout, great for reducing anxiety and stress. 

 4. Build Endurance

Each barre class includes a variety of exercises, but most are known for their use of small isometric contractions and movements. A great example of these movements would be plank positions. These movements utilize slow-twitch muscle fibers that can increase stamina and improve your endurance.

 5. Enhances Posture 

Having a slouched back and shoulders looks terrible, but more than that, it can hinder your overall health. Proper posture is an essential component of good balance, and directly impacts your ability to perform movements effectively. In barre class we emphasize alignment and posture with all of our exercises, which means that our students are less likely to be injured both in and out of class.

 6. Have Fun on Your Terms 

At barre class, the welcoming instructors, inviting space, enjoyable music and endorphin-pumping movements make this workout routine a joy. And who doesn't want to be a ballerina and get a good workout at the same time?

Book your first barre class at our studio (new clients get their first week of group classes for free) and experience the benefits for yourself.

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