Polestar Pilates: Healing the Body from the Inside Out

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Polestar Pilates is a science-based, holistic approach to health that recognizes each person physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. It proudly declares its mission to reduce disease, enhance vitality, and increase the critical mass of healthy, peaceful people in the world.

A Brief History

 Nearly a century ago, Joseph Pilates developed his method. He believed that optimal health was essential for a balanced mind, body, and spirit. He also believed in the attainability of vitality through mindfulness, breathing, strengthening, stretching, and building body awareness. The goal in Pilates is not to push yourself to fatigue, but instead to train your body to move in a controlled manner with equal form. Each movement should be done with fluidity and a positive mindset.

Many of our clients at Whole Pilates have found their way to our studio after an injury. The Polestar Pilates method of healing movement is one of the best methods we've found for recovery, rehabilitation, and overall health. Polestar applies Pilates exercises to help people either restore, achieve or excel in physical movement. Polestar offers not only a road to recovery but a way of wellness that can only be realized once the pain is stabilized and alleviated. At Whole Pilates, our instructors are Polestar trained because we understand the optimal connection between the fundamental elements of Joseph Pilates' technique and innovative scientific information and research. 

Polestar teaches six core principals:

  1. Breathing - Proper breathing is essential, not only in Pilates but for a healthy life. The effects of inhalation and exhalation extend far beyond the physical exchange of air within the body.

  2. Axial elongation & core control - is the proper alignment of the head, spine, and pelvis that provides optimal spacing of the joints during movement.

  3. Spine articulation - The more you distribute movement along the spine, the more you spread the forces (load) acting on each segment of your spine. The more those forces are distributed, the lower the risk of injury.

  4. Organization of the head, neck & shoulders - How we hold our head, neck, and shoulders has a significant impact on movement and function as well as breath.

  5. Alignment & weight-bearing of the extremities - How and where we place and load our hands and feet, our elbows and knees, etc. profoundly affects the quality and sustainability of the movement.

  6. Movement integration - The movement of the body reflects the movement of the mind and vice versa.

Whole Pilates chooses to practice the Polestar Pilates method because it aligns with our overall philosophy to adequately treat the entire body as an integrated system. We offer therapeutic services that are integrated into the Pilates practice. The learning and continuation of growth are always challenging, rewarding, and stimulating. By incorporating the Polestar's practice into our mission, we aim to make whole-body fitness available to everyone, with science-based techniques, intelligent movement and healthy development of muscles, resulting in a strong, flexible, uniformly well-developed body.

Experience the power of Pilates in an energetic environment with classmates and friends. Whole Pilates Studio offers a variety of group classes for all levels of fitness and styles all based on the foundation of Pilates principles and the Polestar method to keep the movement safe and effective. If you are suffering from pain or misalignment from an injury, try one of our Private Pilates Sessions. Private sessions are tailored to each individual’s needs by one of our qualified instructors, regardless of physical ability. Sessions may work to fine tune overall fitness, reestablish an individual’s fitness abilities or have a more clinical focus that is designed to address long-standing chronic pain, ideal for those who suffer from repeated injuries, joint discomfort, and disability.

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