The Incredible Benefits of Rebounding


Some are calling rebounding the ultimate exercise for the new millennium and here's why. Rebounding is one of the best and most efficient exercises. This low impact workout boosts energy levels, stimulates the lymphatic and immune system, tones muscles, improves cardiovascular capacity, oxygenates the blood, stimulates lymphatic movement, and helps you lose weight. Rebounding can revitalize your body when its tired and help put you in a state of mental and physical well-being. Plus it's incredibly easy and really fun!

Top Five Benefits of Rebounding

  1. Boosts lymphatic drainage, immune function, & weight loss

  2. Great for the skeletal system and increasing bone mass

  3. A whole body exercise that improves muscle tone throughout the body

  4. Increases endurance on a cellular level by stimulating mitochondrial production (responsible for cellular energy)

  5. Helps circulate oxygen throughout the entire body to increase energy - More than twice as effective as running without extra stress on the ankles/knees & hips

Low-Impact & Any Skill Level

Rebounding is a simple exercise of jumping up and down on a trampoline. It's great for a variety of health conditions because it's low impact, easy on the joints, and it can be done at any skill level. The rebounder absorbs 87% of the shock of bouncing according to one study, protecting our joints, tendons, and ligaments making it an easy exercise for anyone.

Better Than Jogging

According to NASA "rebounding is the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man."

In the 1980s NASA did a study when they were looking for the best exercise to help astronauts recover from their weakened physical condition, and they discovered the astonishing benefits of rebounding. The study also concluded that rebounding was 68% more effective than jogging yet requires less effort, is much lower trauma to joints and tendons and burns more calories than jogging as well.

Lymphatic Movement & Detoxification

According to Albert Carter, investigative journalist, professional trampolinist, and the world's foremost authority on rebound exercise, "You can get all the aerobic exercise you need on a rebounder, and get all the lymphatic circulation you need on a rebounder, without the shock and trauma of hitting a hard surface."

Rebounding has often been used in many healing clinics around the world for patients with extreme health conditions like cancer. This is because most illnesses are caused by the body being toxic and congested, especially the lymphatic system and rebounding helps counter that. Rebounding just 15 minutes a day moves the lymph, stimulates mitochondrial production, boosts the immune system, and helps circulate oxygen throughout the entire body. The lymphatic fluid in your body is three times more than blood. Your lymph fluid has to circulate from your feet to your head, and it's not connected to the heart. Therefore, the lymph fluid moves only from muscle contraction.

According to Carter, "By activating the one-way valves of the lymphatic system, you cause an increase in lymph circulation by 10 times of what the lymphatic system is able to circulate when you are sitting around doing nothing. So when you bounce on a rebounder, or jump on the floor, or use a jump rope, the one-way valves open and close about 100 times a minute, circulating the lymph fluid, removing toxins and getting the white blood cells to areas of the body they need to be.”

Picking the Right Rebounder

Another reason we love rebounding is that you can buy a small rebounder and keep it in your home or office making it easy to do it every day throughout the day. If you're interested in buying a rebounder for your home, we recommend that you don't skimp on this product. Cheaper trampolines tend to break or malfunction causing injury, and they don't provide the support you need. We recommend that you find a trampoline with steel construction and at least 32 springs that taper at the end to provide you support throughout your workouts. Here are a few brands we like:

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